Wedding Readings / Wedding Poems

wedding wording, love poems and reflections

  1. Love Is Author: Adrien Henri
  2. The Confirmation Author: Edwin Muir
  3. One With Each Other Author: George Eliot
  4. A Marriage Author: Michael Blumenthal
  5. Hinterhof Author: James Fenton
  6. Patagonia Author: Kate Clanchy
  7. The Present Author: Michael Donaghy
  8. An Apache Blessing Author: Anonymous
  9. A New World Author: Mark Twain
  10. When Two People Are at One Author: From The I Ching
  11. White Writing Author: Carol Ann Duffy
  12. I Shall Love You until I Die Author: Voltaire
  13. I Want to Breathe Author: James Laughlin
  14. Kissing Author: Dorianne Laux
  15. Amo Ergo Sum Author: Kathleen Raine
  16. Late Fragment Author: Raymond Carver
  17. Giving Up Smoking Author: Wendy Cope
  18. A Drinking Song Author: W. B. Veats
  19. I Do, I Will, I Have Author: Ogden Nash
  20. Love’s Philosophy Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley
  21. Atlas Author: U. A. Fanthorpe
  22. The Passionate Shepherd to His Love Author: Christopher Marlowe
  23. To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time Author: Robert Merrick
  24. Match Author: Sophie Hannah
  25. To My Dear and Loving Husband Author: Anne Bradstreet
  26. For a Wedding Author: Kate Clanchy
  27. Carry Her Over the Water Author: W. H. Audem
  28. The Sun Rising Author: John Donne
  29. Valentine Author: Carol Ann Duffy
  30. Being Her Friend Author: John Masefield
  31. 7301 Author: U. A. Fanthorpe
  32. To Chloe, Who for His Sake Wished Herself Younger Author: William Cartwright
  33. The Good Morrow Author: John Donne
  34. In September Author: John Ormond
  35. A Dedication to My Wife Author: T. S. Eliot
  36. Epithalamion Author: Dannie Abse
  37. Marriage Morning Author: Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  38. When You Wake Tomorrow Author: Brian Patten
  39. True Ways of Knowing Author: Norman Maccaig
  40. At the Wedding March Author: Gerard Manley Hopkins
  41. Verses Made the Night before He Died Author: Michael Drayton
  42. Poem Author: Christopher Logue
  43. Decade Author: Amy Lowell
  44. Song Author: Edwin Muir
  45. My True Love Hath My Heart Author: Sir Philip Sidney
  46. I Would Live in Your Love Author: Sara Teasdale
  47. Because She Would Ask Me Why I Loved Her Author: Christorher Brennan
  48. I Will Make You Brooches Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
  49. Sudden Light Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
  50. Such Different Wants Author: Robertbly
  51. Married Happiness Author: A. C. Benson
  52. He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven Author: W. B. Veats
  53. Fragment from a Notebook Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  54. A Love Song Author: Vernon Scannell
  55. To Cloris Author: Sir Charles Sedley
  56. Sure Proof Author: Norman Maccaig
  57. Ruth Author: Thomas Hood
  58. A Marriage Ring Author: George Crabbe
  59. The Sun Has Burst the Sky Author: Jenny Joseph
  60. Ring Presented to Julia Author: Robert Herrick
  61. John Anderson My Jo Author: Robert Burns
  62. To His Wife on the Fourteenth Anniversary of Her Wedding Day with a Ring Author: Samuel Bishop
  63. A Slice of Wedding Cake Author: Robert Graves
  64. My Sweetest Lesbia Author: Thomas Campion
  65. To Celia Author: Ben Jonson
  66. Habitation Author: Margaret Atwood
  67. Tell Me Author: Elizabeth Jennings
  68. Friendship Author: Elizabeth Jennings
  69. That First Day Author: Christina Rossetti
  70. A Red, Red Rose Author: Robert Burns
  71. A Birthday Author: Christina Rossetti
  72. Her Love Is My Life Author: Woodrow Wilson
  73. Not Love Perhaps Author: A. S, J. Tessimond
  74. The Owl and the Pussy Cat Author: Edward Lear
  75. A Betrothal Author: E. J. Scovell
  76. The First Marriage Author: Peter Meinke